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We offer several benefits to our clients.

Brand Ambassadorship

FairTrade Marketing, LLC offers brand ambassadorship service to our clients. Brand awareness describes precisely just how deeply our client’s brand is impressed upon the customer’s conscious. We increase the likelihood that customers not only recognize a client’s brand by name and logo, but also associate those visual and aural cues with our client’s products or services. With so much competition in the energy industry, brand ambassadorship that cultivates brand awareness can be a critical asset.

Customer Acquisition

FairTrade Marketing, LLC offers customer acquisition service to our clients. Many in the general public don’t know that energy deregulation has put them in the driver’s seat as far as the choice of their energy suppliers. In some cases, a customer may want to have renewable green energy (solar, wind, hydro) supplied to them. We educate the general public for our clients, and skillfully seek to enroll them as customers.

Energy Analysis

FairTrade Marketing, LLC offers energy analysis service to our clients. We will systematically review a business’ recent energy bills so that we can help them to choose the best options for their energy suppliers. Depending on the level of usage, and current rates available, substantial savings may be available.

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FairTrade Marketing, LLC is focused on mentoring young adults by providing practical and profitable training and guidance. As our associates build their businesses, they learn valuable business and life skills.


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